Mobile Application Development

Design and Development of iOS and Android Apps

We specialize in transforming our client's vision into mobile environment with a user experience that accomplishes their objectives and provides another avenue for creating brand awareness. We integrate server-based processes with multiple variants of device deployments to ensure the consistency of their customers experience.

The most important aspect of the mobile environment is understanding how your customers will be interacting with your application and be able to catalog their expectations. Thus, we invest considerable time and energy constructing the customer navigation and using multiple metrics to gain a full knowledge of how customer utilize your app's events.

As an organization we pride ourselves on providing a quality product to our clients even in those areas that they may never see like our source code. We enforce rigid design and quality assurance controls that produce applications that rapidly deployed, easy to maintain and allow for effortless upgrades.

Our goal is for an atmosphere of complete transparency for our clients. In that vein, we adhere to a continual communication cycle with our clients that includes these activities:

  • Initial project consultation
  • Detailed requirement assessment and hour estimates
  • UI/UX Design consultations
  • Project Timeline and build delivery
  • Weekly scheduled team meetings
  • Detailed agenda each week
  • Review of technology stacks
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Monthly Project Activity Summary
  • Bi-Weekly Version Deployment
  • Project Deployment planning
  • Optional Project CI/CD plan

Defining where our efforts are expended per project:
Project Initiation Tasks50
Requirements Gathering15
UX/UI Wireframing40
Cloud-based Services40
Web-based Administration65
Mobile Codebase (iOS/Android)65
Quality Assurance65

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